Equationary is a website developed out of the University of British Columbia. Care is taken to ensure that all content is accurate and relevant for users.
Equationary introduces a unique experience to review, organize, and share equations. Each equation is provided with succinct supplementary material including a description, example, and parameter definitions. Equationary's goal is to provide you with the all the information you want, in the shortest time possible.
An integrated calculator lets you efficiently solve any equation
Organize equations into customizeable, shareable folders
Auto-generate aesthetic formula sheets from your folders with one click
Equationary's long-term vision is to categorize all forms of knowledge that can be written down symbolically and visualize the structure of every academic field.
In the modern day, many revolutionary ideas and advances stem from interdiscplinary connections, and thus the


of Equationary is to:
1)Construct the Knowledge Network™, mapping the history of all fields of study with equations linked to and from derivations
2)Provide a platform on which Academic Cross-Pollination™ can be developed to find meaningful links between seemingly disparate fields
3)Use machine learning algorithms on the Knowledge Network™ and implement Academic Cross-Pollination™ to discover new fields of study
Equationary's platform hopes to be a major milestone in the automation of research.